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Digital Finance

Celeris Credit is an innovative product of IncluSystems, riding on the cooperative registration and structure to facilitate the financial inclusion of the underserved segments of the population. The product creates a proposition that leverages digital identity framework, digital lending models and micro savings to create a one stop shop that integrates the financial needs of base of the pyramid customers.

It also offers e-commerce framework that enables individuals become merchants of goods they verifiably own. All this is layered upon a social framework that enables members, customers and others interact on the platform while lending, borrowing, buying and selling.

Micro Credit

Request for credit from the cooperative online and get approval in minutes.

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Micro Savings

Transparent framework to making saving a great experience

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Digital Lending

This will enable start-ups pitch their ideas to the crowd and get investments in their ideas.

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Social Network

It is a social network of professionals and would be professionals to meet, share ideas and grow together.

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