Our Expertise

Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas.

Micro Credit Instant Loan Technology

On Celeris Application, individuals can request for credit from the cooperative online and get approval in minutes. This will be tied to the fulfillment of certain terms and conditions which will be made clear to the customer. Individuals can also transfer celeris credit to themselves which is redeemable for cash or certain commodities at celeris Business Locations.


Celeris Digital lending Framework

Inclusystems’™ Celeris deploys a hugely regulated Crowd Lending, Crowd Donating and P2P lending frameworks. This will enable start-ups pitch their ideas to the crowd and get investments in their ideas. The crowd will be guided by a pre-selected team of finance and investment experts who will select winners on established criteria and merits.


Micro Savings Platform

The Esusu model has been re imagined by Celeris and now offers the savers the option of viewing their transactions and account balances online and real-time. This will resolve the risks of micro savings and daily contributions.


Social Network

Celeris builds a community of people who share similar ideas in a forum that is hugely regulated to ensure the delivery of value. It is a social network of professionals and would be professionals to meet, share ideas and grow together.


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